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Building Across Borders: Mass Timber Projects and Collaborative Success

At International Timberframes, we’re thrilled to share the remarkable journey of a successful cross-border mass timber project. We had the privilege of presenting our experiences at this year’s WoodTalks during the Global Buyers Mission.

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industry leader Sigi Liebmann talks about his childhood dream of a timber frame company

From Childhood Dream to Industry Leader

Sigi had a chat with Kootenay Business magazine about his journey, the projects that hold a special place in his heart, and how International Timberframes is pivoting to meet the ever-evolving demands of the timber industry while prioritizing sustainable practices.

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engineered wood product dlt article in award magazine with international timberframes

The Rise of Engineered Wood Products

The engineered wood industry has overcome market uncertainties, misconceptions, and supply chain challenges, emerging stronger than ever. With British Columbia having established itself as a leader in mass timber construction, having constructed several notable buildings using this sustainable material.

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new dowel laminated timber DLT production facility in golden bc

New DLT Production Facility

With the 20th Anniversary of starting International Timberframes, it seems only right that this year will see the start of construction of our new head office, timberframe shop and Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) production facility. Located here in Golden, BC the new facility will be the culmination of several years of planning.

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modern mountain timberframe house in british columbia

Modern Mountain Timberframe

Our clients are lovers of the ‘modern mountain’ style. Their gorgeous home we worked on a couple of years ago is a perfect example of how our timberframing skills, the architect’s creativity and the client vision came together. I’m delighted to be able to share photos of this stunning modern timberframe home now that the contractor’s work is complete.

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timberframe leica builder

Marrying Tradition and Technology: Innovating with Authenticity

In this blog post, we will explore how our expert timber framers combine traditional techniques with the latest technology to create truly bespoke timber frames of the highest quality. We believe that craftsmanship and technology work together.

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beautiful timber and steel integration solutions in a timber frame custom home

Integrating Timber and Steel

Combining materials like timber and steel is a clever way to achieve desired looks but also desired performance. We are timber framers first and foremost. We love natural solid wood. We design, produce and install timber frames with traditional joinery, where the structural support comes through the joints and post and beam joinery, where steel timber connectors make the joints.

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dlt dowel laminated timber in sustainable building

DLT: a step towards circularity in construction

Discover a sustainable building material that is 100% recyclable and environmentally responsible with no-glue dowel laminated timber (DLT). In this article by Sigi Liebmann, learn about the advantages of using DLT over traditional building materials.

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timberframe experts at work in bc and ab

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Timberframer

Of course we want you to choose us as your timberframer but we’d like you to be confident in your decision.

There are so many factors to consider so here’s a helpful guide – 10 things to ask and look for when shopping around for your timberframe project.

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Wood in workshop

Differences in Wood Quality

We’d like to explain the differences in wood quality – between free of heart and boxed heart timbers and between kiln dried and green wood. They are critical elements which make the difference between average quality and great quality timbers to use in your project.

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