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Custom Luxury Home with reclaimed timbers

custom luxury home with reclaimed timbers

As wood lovers we were delighted to work on this project. This full structural timberframe was a mix of reclaimed timbers and new. We were able to use our skills in hand-cutting cutting and fitting old timbers and irregular wood shapes and finishing new wood to make it look old. The reclaimed timbers were 100 year old douglas fir from grain elevators and warehouses. They ranged in size from 8"x8" to 8"x28" and some pieces were 28' long. Our skilled team scribed and handcut the reclaimed timbers into new trusses which were featured in the main living room, leaving all the old nail and screw holes and split rings on show. For the remaining timbers in the basement and exterior we took new kiln-dried douglas fir and distressed and coloured it to match the reclaimed wood perfectly. Everything was pre-assembled and test-fitted in our shop to ensure a speedy raising after delivery to job-site.

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Renovated Family Vacation Home

The home-owner spent many vacations in this home growing up, and his father actually framed the home himself. When it came to renovating the owner wanted to keep the roof and many walls in memory of his father. With our Leica Total Station we could measure exactly the existing onsite dimensions and slopes and build the new timberframe to fit the old envelope. This precise measurement was essential as the installation was not the normal approach - regularly with no roof in place a crane lifts from the bottom up. In this instance where the roof was in place and walls standing we had to put the roof beams in first, then the structural posts - still ensuring the frame was structurally sound. We worked closely with the Architect to translate the architectural ideas into structurally sound possibilities. We are currently working on spiral stairs which will wrap around a tree inside the home and feature hand-forged steel railings. This client truly appreciates workmanship and craft involved in producing unique features.

City Riverbank

Timberframe Calgary

A single family home on the Elbow River designed by the founder of modern mountain style architecture, Cheryl Link. This truly is a showcase for how a full heavy structural timberframe skeleton can result in a modern timberframe home. All wood used was free of heart to keep lines straight and minimise twisting and warping of wood over time. The drywaller told us it was the straightest timberframe he had ever worked with. He complimented us on our forward planning, leaving spaces where needed for him to simply drywall behind the beams.

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Off the Grid Cabin

This small off the grid cabin in the woods comprised wood from an old Quebec barn that the owner had purchased long ago and hoped one day to use in his dream cabin. He bought the barn, dissembled it and had it transported to BC for that time to come. With the roof and walls in place our team skillfully handcut and fit the old barnwood timbers onsite. One side of each beam had to be resurfaced so the drywall could be slid between the roof trusses and the barnwood beams. In the true spirit of reclaiming and upcycling the offcuts were used as a feature wall.

Ski Condo Renovation

Ski Condo Timberframe Renovation

The owner of this condo, used at weekends for ski trips, was keen to give it a bit more character and style. He came to us for ideas on how to add timberframe decoratively to the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Our team used the Leica Total Station (click to take reader to relevant section explaining this in Our Expertise page) to measure precise points and cut the timbers to perfect dimensions to install under existing ceilings and against existing walls. We hope you like the befores and afters. The job was clean and quick with no mess on the owner's carpets or furniture because we pre-cut and prepared in our shop.

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Live edge Wood Slabs

Live Edge Wood Slabs

This Lodge undertook some renovations and wanted to feature reclaimed and live edge wood in the property. We hand-cut and custom-fit various live edge slabs as shelving and counter-tops and reclaimed barnwood as a feature wall in the property.

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