Values and Principles

We love wood. Wood is good for the human soul. It connects indoors and outdoors creating a sense of balance and calm. This love of wood sits at the heart of our values and principles.

Authentically Modern

Wood has been used by artisans and builders for thousands of years and by preserving traditional skills and passing on our skills we can keep the craft alive. In a modern world with a bewildering array of artificial products, wood is the real thing. Wood stands the test of time.

Leading Edge

We love innovative design and providing wood solutions where others may not have the expertise. We take authentic properties of wood and couple them with leading edge technologies in design and planning to deliver outstanding quality work.


We believe in being honest, simple, open and ethical in all we do. People respect our skills and dedication. We don't make exaggerated claims, but we deliver high quality solutions. We believe in no surprises with budget, quality or timescales. We believe in providing the best, not the most expensive.


We believe that words like green, sustainable and healthy have honest meaning beyond marketing. If properly managed wood is the ultimate healthy building material. We will always try to do the right thing, for the client, for the community and for the planet. We take whole-hearted steps to act in as environmentally sustainable a manner as we can, every day, every week, every project.

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